What to do when your traffic ticket turns to a warrant

Each year thousands of traffic tickets are issued, as we all know it is a way for the city to make a quick buck. A lot of times after people are issued tickets they forget to pay the fine, and a warrant is issued for their arrest. In some cases the person completely forgets about the ticket, and is pulled over a year or so later and taken to jail because they had a warrant and did not know about it. This is not as uncommon as you may think. So what do you do if you are in that situation?las vegas dui lawyers

As many of you know, when you use Ticket Busters services, you will receive a letter in the mail stating the amount due, and a due date on when that fine needs to be paid. If you have insufficient funds, call the court and work out some sort of a payment plan, generally the courts are happy to help you out. If you forget to pay the ticket on time, the fine will go up. In this case, I suggest you call Ticket Busters again so they can help you if you have had a warrant issued for your arrest. The last thing you want is to be put in jail over a traffic fine.

Las Vegas Warrant Attorneys

Criminal cases have the same consequences, if you are ordered to pay a fine and fail to do so, a warrant is issued. In this case I would call an experienced Las Vegas Warrant Lawyer and have them help you through this process, they can negotiate for you and walk you through the necessary steps to avoid going to jail. Ticket Busters doesn’t just fix traffic tickets, we are a full Criminal Defense Firm, we also have a great reputation as Las Vegas DUI lawyers.  Don’t let your court fines stress you out, we are here to help. If you are worried about repayment, or need a warrant attorney, call us immediately.

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